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The Eastern Independent League was created by its member schools in a spirit of trust and shared commitment to the highest ideals of sportsmanship, healthy competition, and mutual respect.

Member schools of the Eastern Independent League believe that their athletic programs are an integral part of their educational programs and should provide the same opportunities for instruction, participation, growth and success as any other opportunity offered by the school.

Accordingly, each Member school subscribes to the following principles in the conduct of its athletic programs:

►We believe that our athletic programs should be developmental, providing training and competition at all levels, and allowing the opportunity for younger players to participate at the varsity level as they gain in skills.
►We believe that our athletic programs offer a teaching environment that is understood to be consistent with the overall educational goals of each member school.
►We believe that a student’s admission to an Eastern Independent League school should be based on each member school’s overall mission and goals, and not on the basis of a candidate’s skill in a particular activity.
►We believe that sportsmanship and respect are central to the mission of the Eastern Independent League. We expect that visitors will be treated with courtesy and that visiting teams will act as honored guests.
►We believe that each school assumes the responsibility to inform its constituency that the athletic arena is a place for friendly and spirited competition and respect for all who are part of that pageant.
►We believe that member schools have a responsibility to work together to resolve differences that will arise from time to time. We have a responsibility to one another’s programs and initiatives consistent with the goals of the Eastern Independent League.


The League's stakeholders (student-athletes, coaches, parents, faculty, administration, trustees) should know, value, and act upon our core virtues of respect, trust, humility, and balance.

By respect we mean: that we will play within both the letter and the spirit of the rules; that we will treat all people involved in a contest (players, coaches, officials) with the same degree of respect which we would want to be treated; that we will respect the unique nature and mission of each member school.

By trust we mean: that we will trust that each member school and its constituents will abide by agreed upon policies and practices.

By humility we mean: that we will be gracious in victory and defeat, acknowledging the efforts of a worthy opponent.

By balance we mean: that we will work toward the development of the whole person, (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual).